Split System AC Installation

If you are looking for an air conditioning system that is both affordable and highly efficient, you should opt for a split system AC installation. Split system AC units are Australia’s most popular air conditioning options, and for good reason. Get a free quote today!

Most people, when deciding on a new AC system, opt for a split system air conditioning installation. One of the main deciding factors is, of course, cost, but price is certainly not the only factor that tip the scales in favour of split system AC units. Some other benefits include:

  • Easy installation: Unlike traditional ducted AC systems, a split system air conditioner requires very little ductwork that needs to be installed. All that is needed is a small hole through which the indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit.
  • Convenience: You can easily operate your air conditioning system from anywhere in your house using a nifty remote control. The system is versatile, in most cases offering both heating and cooling options, and it runs very quietly. It also requires very little in terms of maintenance compared to more traditional systems.
  • Cost-effective: Air conditioning traditionally takes up a significant chunk of your monthly electricity bill. Split system AC units, in addition to requiring less power, can be programmed to run even more efficiently, only warming or cooling certain rooms at specified times, like the living areas during the day and bedrooms at night. Some systems even come with movement detection.
Split System Air Conditioner Supply & Installation Brisbane
We are local industry leaders when it comes to split system air conditioning installation in Brisbane, offering a diverse variety of systems from some of the world’s top manufacturers. Whatever your home or office air-conditioning requirements, we are the team to call for professional split system AC installation.



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